Shifter is a topical publication that lies at the intersection between contemporary art, politics and philosophy. Shifter remains malleable and responsive in its form and activities, and represents a diversity of positions and backgrounds in its contributors.

Originally conceived as an online magazine in order to create an inter-continental “commons,” Shifter now engages in a variety of formats including print publications, public dialogues and exhibitions. This has allowed for extended discourse and additional access to Shifter’s content by diverse audiences.

Shifter was first published in 2004 by its founding editor Sreshta Rit Premnath. Issues 11 to 16 were co-edited by Steven Lam, Jane Jin Kaisen & Kajsa Dahlberg, Avi Alpert, Abhishek Hazra and Warren Neidich respectively. Shifter 17 to 21 were coedited by Matthew Metzger. Shifter 22 and 23 are coedited by Avi Alpert and Thom Donovan respectively.

Rit Premnath and Avi Alpert are currently organizing a series of public discussions on the subject of unlearning, which will result in a new publication in 2019.