01 : Jetlag


Matt Bollinger, Curtis Evans, Eric Gottesman, Ravindra, Laura Marsh, Raghavendra Rao, Hunter Stabler, Jason Yoh

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Grammatical elements which have no precise meaning per se,
and which are wholly sensitive in this respect to the context in which they occur.
That is, their movement is capable of considerable degrees of change,
depending on how they are used and where they occur.
They are totally context sensitive and distinguished from all other constituents of the linguistic code
solely by their compulsory reference to the given message.
Shifters indicate the extent to which all meaning is context sensitive,
and the limited access to to so-called “general meaning” that any communication can have.
A class of signs in which the pragmatic and sematic modes are linked in the same categories,
segmentable and isolable simultaneously in at least two functional modes,
one referential, one not…
This kind of presupposing referential index has also been called a shifter, because
the reference “shifts” regularly, depending on the factors of the speech situation.
indicial symbols representing conventionally and referring existentially to an utterance
I means the person uttering I