05 : Desire and the Other


Editor: Sreshta Premnath

Participants: Caleb Larsen, Matthew Bollinger, Barbara Jane Reyes, Alison O’Daniel, Sue Havens, Jason Yoh, Ana Prvacki, Crispin Webb, Baron, Benjamin Grasso

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The Other, is that ambiguous space which exists as a conceptual field only in order to reinforce the ego. It is the vacuum that sucks up the detritus of knowledge – conflating those disconnected fragments of meaning and information that defy acceptable explanation, so that the mere act of their conflation/circumscription reconstitutes the I. The I invokes the Other, the Other constructs the I. It is an imaginary relationship of absence and presence, the primary division that constructs language.

Presence<>Absence, Object<>Representation. The I is constructed through exclusion. The I is all that is not the Other. The Other is all that the I is not, that the I cannot be.

The Other is what the I is but cannot be. Desire, is this vacillating relationship of simultaneous dependence and inconsonance.

Desire depends on incompatibility.