06 : Surface Tension


Editor: Sreshta Rit Premnath

Participants: Kristin Anderson, Bethany Wright, David Rothenberg, Shinsuke Aso, Nora Schultz, Kerry Downey, Jean Alexander Frater, Heather Nagami, Dorothy Albertini, Todd Ayoung, Carlos Andrade, Jonathan VanDyke, Dylan Graham, Ana Prvacki, Isaac Payne

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A further exploration of liminality that was embarked upon in the previous two issues (“On Translation” and “Desire and the Other”).

Surface Tension
n. A property of liquids arising from unbalanced molecular cohesive forces at or near the surface, as a result of which the surface tends to contract and has properties resembling those of a stretched elastic membrane.

Once again I am interested in the idea of a linguistic surface or skin that is constructed to order and define; and liminality as a threshold point where this order can potentially become problematized or disrupted. Mistranslation, erasure, disjunction, amputation.