07 : Science Seance


Editor: Sreshta Rit Premnath

Participants: Mary Jo Toles, Charles Mayton, Joshua Thorson, Chana Morgenstern, Valeria Cordero, Branden Koch, Christopher Landau, Priyanka Dasgupta, Martha Sakellariou, Paula Hayes, Carole Kim, Heidi Pollard, Andrea Moreau, Eric Sanchez, Michelle Murphy, Dorothy Gambrell, Seth Fragomen, Benjamin Grasso, Mary Jo Toles, Crispin Webb

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To put things simply:

Science, maybe, as a means or methodology or discipline using which one attempts to explain the essence of natural phenomena – Natural phenomena as those materials, occurrences and interactions that we experience through our senses. The Scientist, as one who is able to construct the most rationally plausible, elegant, experimentally verifiable, explanation of these phenomena.

Seance, meaning, a meeting, a session, a sitting. A meeting convened to receive messeges through a “medium” who senses phenomena that ordinary people cannot perceive. Who is able to translate these phenomena into material presence through extension.

Both pursuits having a preinscribed belief in a notion called “Truth” and through extension an obsession with “Falsity”.

This issue of Shifter, then, attempts to once again address the question of projecting form onto the formless. Artists as Alchemists, Scientists as Mediums. The tenuous boundaries that circumscribe the notions of Fact, Myth and Falsity.

These are urgent questions to address in a world where we are intensely aware of the maleability of information and thus meaning. Today Media becomes Medium, bringing us distant Truths; constructing places, peoples and events that would otherwise be imperceptable to us. Search Engines and Remotes become our Oija Boards as we sift through information, constructing our own narratives of reality that begin to form the basis of our knowledge.