08 : Rules and Representations


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Editor: Sreshta Rit Premnath, Gönner Heiliger Von Lügen

Critical Advisor: Pieter DeHeijde,

Participants: Mauro Altamura, Igor Baskin, Chris Bors, Cammi Climaco, Ben Colebrook, Sunoj D, Michael Eddy, Seth Ellis, Curtis Evans, Swetha Gowri, Benjamin Grasso, Alina Viola Grumiller, Vandana Jain, Sonia Jose, Misako Kitaoka, Miranda Maher, Alisdair McRae, Anne M. Platoff, Ana Prvacki, Kamya Ramachandran, Dan Levenson, Nora Schultz, Ruben Verdu, Anna Vitale, Bethany Wright, Joe Zane

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4) Can rules that have been formulated for a specific purpose be appropriated, salvaged and put to unforeseen uses? What happens to this appropriated structure/ language? What is its relationship to the source structure/ language?

1) (How) Does the represented Subject use the rules of their given symbolic space to find and articulate their subjectivity within the rules of that space. Raising the question of where within the homogenized spheres of production and consumption in this globalizing society, are there spaces for subjective articulation? In the performance of everyday life? In revolt?

2) If the Subject is (I)tself constituted as a representation of these rules, are its articulations also a representation of the same rules? If so, must we remove the term “Subject” from the previous sentence?

3) If the Subject is amputated from language, who speaks? And who is spoken to?