Frederick Young

Frederick Young received his PhD in Critical Theory and New Media at the University of Florida. After completely at Post Doc at the Wesley Center for New Media at Georgia Tech, he was a Senior Lecturer in English and New Media in Sweden and also lectured in Nepal. He is currently faculty in the Merritt Writing Program at the University of California, Merced. With Ron Broglio, he co-edited a forthcoming Special Issue of Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities on Animality and Techne. His work has appeared in critical theory anthologies on German and post-structuralist philosophers, as his collaborative conceptual art work has appeared in art publications. Since ACA he has continued to collaborate with several conceptual artists. Currently he is working on a lengthy theoretical treatise on the question of revolution, animality and technics. With Linus Lancaster, he is collaborating on the same topic using art practice as an interdiction to new Walter Benjamin’s “politics of art.”