Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh Born in the small town of Montrose, Pennsylvania (bordering the Southeast corner of New York State) in 1982, Laura Marsh began to question her roles as a woman, citizen, and contemporary artist. She found herself generally interested in social politics and gender issues, but in a subliminal and intuitive way. The subject of her work is rooted in locating American desire through implicating a consumer object and unveiling something awkward about its nature. The result of this process is often very stylized, low-tech, and sometimes illustrative work, which is more concerned with surface and pattern than conventional space or technique. The subject of her work takes form and continues to vary in tandem with her reactions to residing in urban environments. Marsh received her BFA at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006, attended Maine College of Art in 2004, and Yale Norfolk Summer School for the Arts and Music in 2003.