Éric Alliez

Éric Alliez, is Professor of Contemporary French Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (Middlesex University, London).
His works include: Les Temps capitaux Capital Times, preface by G. Deleuze, Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 1997; The Signature of the World. Or What is the Philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari?, London: Continuum, 2005.
Most recent books : La Pensée-Matisse (with J.-Cl. Bonne) (Paris : Le Passage, 2005) ; L’Œil-Cerveau. Nouvelles Histoires de la peinture moderne (in collaboration with Jean-Clet Martin) (Paris: Vrin, 2007).
Forthcoming : Capitalism, Schizophrenia and Consensus. Of Relational Aesthetics ; Istanbul : Baglam Publishing ; 2010 (in English/Turkish)
He is currently working on Undoing the Image Of Contemporary Art.