Soyoung Yoon

Soyoung Yoon is a Ph.D. candidate in the Dept. of Art & Art History at Stanford University, writing her dissertation, tentatively titled: “The Anarchic Archive: Re- conceptualizations of Collage and Montage in Post-war Avant- garde Cinema.” The dissertation argues for a fundamental shift in the post-war model of collage/montage – a shift from a spatial to a temporal paradigm – specifically as the avant-garde’s response to a waning of affect of the image and consequently, the weakening of our relationship to history, our sense of historicity, within the cultural dynamics of postwar Europe and the United States. In her other work, she analyzes the psychological and social function of the image in terms of a critique of ideology informed by Marxist aesthetics, Lacanian psychoanalysis, feminist and post- colonial theory, and media theory. A recent critical studies fellow in the Whitney Independent Study Program (2006 ~ 2007), she is currently a Visiting Professor at the Film Program, Conservatory of Theatre, Arts, and Film in SUNY Purchase College.