Sunoj D

Sunoj D: My work involves the exploration, construction and narration of identities. I am particularly fascinated with the construction of ‘post colonial’, ‘multicultural’ and ‘multilingual’ identities (that I belong to) and how the same is socially validated. My ‘Identity’ teaming with ‘Ideological’ connotations, is brought about with images of the ‘self’ in my work. Graduation- Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore (2003) Last show- ‘Sunoj D – not dead since 1979’ at Gallery SKE, Bangalore (2005) Worked at printmaking studios at Kanoria Art centre, Ahmedabad and the Bharath Bhavan, Bhopal. Winner of the 4th Biennial Bose Pacia Prize for Contemporary Art, New York (2003) Currently living and working in Bangalore India.