Christopher Perkins – Guess and Check is Valid Math

March 21, 2009
Bose Pacia, New York

The basic problem of looking for the unknown leads to questions regarding where to look and what to look for. New discoveries in the field of physics are based on previous discoveries but the problem remains of which leads to follow and which to abandon. Even once an avenue for further research is chosen, the scientists involved must design an experiment and decide whether or not this experiment is capable of finding what they are looking for, even before they know what they will find. All that can be done is to choose a subset of the parameter space that offers the possibility of new discovery. We will lead a discussion on the process that precedes the reporting of scientific results and how scientists believe an avenue of research is valid.

Christopher Perkins & Joshua Hart – 'Guess and Check is Valid Math' Pt. 1 from On Certainty on Vimeo.

Christopher Perkins & Joshua Hart – Guess & Check is Valid Math Pt. 2 from On Certainty on Vimeo.