16 : Pluripotential

Shifter’s 16th issue, titled “Pluripotential”, presents scores, scripts, instructions, critical essays and more. Its title invokes a term that describes the innate ability of stem-cells to differentiate into almost any cell in the body in order to think through the possibility of criticality and cultural change through aesthetic strategies. This play between structural constraints and a potential for continuous change is seen in forms such as scores, scripts and instructions; and strategies including “detournement” and remix, which hold within them the potential to be performed and reconstituted in multiple ways.

Contributors: Amy Sillman, Antje Majewski, Barry Schwabsky, Bernard Andrieu, Brindalyn Webster, Chloe Piene, Clarissa Tossin, Dan Levenson, Daniel Miller, Elena Bajo, Eric Alliez, Eric Angles, Francesco Spampinato, Gemma Sharpe, Hans Ulrich Obrist, James Yeary, Kader Attia, Krysten Cunningham, Laura Stein, Lee Welch, Linda Quinlan, Lindsay Benedict, Michele Masucci, Nicholas Chase, Olav Westphalen, Patricia Reed, Seth Cluett, Seth Nehil, Silva Reichwein, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Susanne Neubauer, T. Kelly Mason, Tyler Stallings, Warren Neidich, Yevgeniy Fiks and Zoe Crosher.

Editors: Sreshta Rit Premnath, Warren Neidich.