Grammatical elements which have no precise meaning per se,
and which are wholly sensitive in this respect to the context in which they occur.
That is, their movement is capable of considerable degrees of change,
depending on how they are used and where they occur.
They are totally context sensitive and distinguished from all other constituents of the linguistic code
solely by their compulsory reference to the given message.
Shifters indicate the extent to which all meaning is context sensitive,
and the limited access to to so-called “general meaning” that any communication can have.
A class of signs in which the pragmatic and sematic modes are linked in the same categories,
segmentable and isolable simultaneously in at least two functional modes,
one referential, one not…
This kind of presupposing referential index has also been called a shifter, because
the reference “shifts” regularly, depending on the factors of the speech situation.
indicial symbols representing conventionally and referring existentially to an utterance
I means the person uttering I

Matt Bollinger was born near Kansas City, Missouri where he later attended the Kansas City Art Institute. Upon graduating he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he now lives and works.

Curtis Evans finishes an MFA at Bard College of NY this summer. He thinks that currently he believes less in masters and more in feelings— if that is too cliche, he is working on a longer set of poems, "In Praise of Cliche"—if that is too cheeky, it follows then to masterbate on feelings.
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Eric Gottesman is a photographer working currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Laura Marsh lives and works in Cleveland, OH. Her work is often site specific, creating visciral and sensuous installations that often deal with paradoxes of femininity and separation deeply entrenched in her personal history.

Raghavendra Rao K.V completed his diploma in painting from the Ken School of Art, Bangalore in 1990. He has participated in several group shows and solo shows throughout India, in Switzerland and Scotland, including the recent Khoj 2003, an international artists workshop in Bangalore.

Raised by mountain folk, yetti, and the Chupa Khabra in the Foothills of South Carolina,Hunter Stabler did not learn to read, write, or count until the age of 16 at which time he suddenly and miraculously memorized the dictionary, the Book of Mormon, Grammatology, the Concept of Anxiety, and the Gates of Perception. He achieved his BFA from the Mayland Institute College of Art in 2003, and he is currently a practicing artist and outsider poet in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jason Yoh grew up in rural Wayne County, located an hour and a half south of Cleveland, Ohio USA. He is a recent graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art and currently lives and works in that same city. His artwork uses the western pictorial tradition of landscape as a metaphor for contemporary concerns involving security and freedom of the individual.