Benjamin Grasso lives and works in NYC. His recent paintings deal with the idea of environment; how people organize what they want to be around them in a space. He’s been looking at lawns, particularly in queens "because they’re small and funny, but also unique".

Surekha’s work revolves around social issues, particularly those of concern to women. A varied body of her conceptual work, which is full of interesting twists and turns challenge established notions about gender politics, art and society. She works with various media like
object making, photography, video and site specific installations. Surekha studied fine arts at Ken School of arts, Bangalore and Santiniketan, Viswabharati University. Her works have been widely exhibited in India and at International Museums and Galleries. At present she is involved in art and art activities in Bangalore.

Eric Gottesman is a photographer working currently in New York.

Meg Duguid reprocesses familiar comedic antics in a public sphere. Currently she is working on The Episode Series; performances based on the slapstick numbers written for Lucille Ball in I love Lucy.

Jason Yoh grew up in northeast Ohio and attended school in Cleveland. He is currently living and working in Cimarron, New Mexico: a small town in the northeast corner of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Jason is currently compiling a mix tape made up of song titles that contain the names of each U.S. state. If you know any good songs that fit this criteria, or if you would like to contact him about anything else, his address is

Helki Franzten was born in Holland in 1976, moved a total of 29 times since then, and grew up in upstate NY, NYC and Milwaukee. She then moved to Australia to be closer to her dad and worked for four years in a landfill as a part-owner of a salvage operation where she became very aquainted with the material world. She moved back to the US to complete an undergraduate art degree at Bard College and lived in Rochester, Milwaukee and Boston. While completing a graduate degree in Sculpture at Bard College during the summers she worked as a baker and furniture fabricator during the winter. She is hoping to find a more permanent home sometime in the near future.