Desire and the Other

The Other, is that ambiguous space which exists as a conceptual field only in order to reinforce the ego. It is the vacuum that sucks up the detritus of knowledge – conflating those disconnected fragments of meaning and information that defy acceptable explanation, so that the mere act of their conflation/circumscription reconstitutes the I. The I invokes the Other, the Other constructs the I. It is an imaginary relationship of absence and presence, the primary division that constructs language.

Presence<>Absence, Object<>Representation. The I is constructed through exclusion. The I is all that is not the Other. The Other is all that the I is not, that the I cannot be.

The Other is what the I is but cannot be. Desire, is this vacillating relationship of simultaneous dependence and inconsonance.

Desire depends on incompatibility.

Caleb Larsen
Matthew Bollinger
Barbara Jane Reyes
Alison O’Daniel
Sue Havens
Jason Yoh
Ana Prvacki
Crispin Webb
Benjamin Grasso

Sreshta Premnath

Jason Yoh grew up in northeast Ohio and attended school in Cleveland. He is currently living and working in Cimarron, New Mexico: a small town in the northeast corner of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Jason is currently compiling a mix tape made up of song titles that contain the names of each U.S. state. If you know any good songs that fit this criteria, or if you would like to contact him about anything else, his address is

Alison O’Daniel After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA, Alison moved to Mexico City to be a part of the art scene and to reacquaint herself with the sun. She is currently in the first year of the MFA program at Goldsmiths College in London. &nbsp; In her artwork she is exploring a critical question of where and how vulnerability in interactions between genders leaves room for empowerment. She creates a tableau of vulnerability within staged heterosexual couples always using herself as one of the partners.

Sue Havens lives in Brooklyn. She recieved a BFA from Cooper Union in ’95 and an MFA from Bard College in 2004.
Her paintings contain opposing sources that both attract and repel, and retain a harmonic, balanced tension. They are paradoxical: flat, yet dimensional, bold with an inner quiet, direct andspecific while elusive.

Crispin Webb was born in charleston WV in 1977 and resides in Mt Vernon Ohio. Mail art, video, performance, photography, mechanical electronic, web-based collaborations, and ephemeral timebased objects describe the overall focus of his work over the past 2 or 3 years. He is attending the milton avery graduate school of the arts at bard college, during the summer and has exhibited in the US, germany, and belguim.

Baron has been involved with the Mail Art Network since 1975. The first half of his collection can be viewed at the Cleveland Public Library’s Home Page. Click on Exhibit Hall and then look for Mail Art Collection. Visual Poetry has been published in The Lost and Found Times and Xtant 3 and 4. Mail Artworks are in the Dadabase of the Museum of Modern Art. Bookworks are in the collection of the Gund Library at the Cleveland Institute of Art , the Chicago Institute of Art and The Japanese Museum of Contemporary Poetry.

Barbara Jane Reyes is a Pilipina American poet, living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently a MFA candidate at SF State University. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Asian Pacific American Journal, Chain, Interlope, North American Review, and Tinfish. Her first book, Gravities of Center, was published by Arkipelago Books Publishing (SF) in 2003.

Benjamin Grasso lives and works in NYC. His recent paintings deal with the idea of environment; how people organize what they want to be around them in a space. He’s been looking at lawns, particularly in queens because they’re small and funny.

Matt Bollinger was born near Kansas City, Missouri. Currently he lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he works and exhibits at the Rodger LaPelle Gallery.

Caleb Larsen lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Working between a variety of media and practices, he explores time expenditure, sensation and instance, and relationships between elements of art and life.

Ana Prvacki is an artist and a creative cheerleader living and working in New York and Singapore. She has recently launched her own lifestyle consultancy company Ananatural Production