Rules and Representations


4) Can rules that have been formulated for a specific purpose be appropriated, salvaged and put to unforeseen uses? What happens to this appropriated structure/ language? What is its relationship to the source structure/ language?

1) (How) Does the represented Subject use the rules of their given symbolic space to find and articulate their subjectivity within the rules of that space. Raising the question of where within the homogenized spheres of production and consumption in this globalizing society, are there spaces for subjective articulation? In the performance of everyday life? In revolt?

2) If the Subject is (I)tself constituted as a representation of these rules, are its articulations also a representation of the same rules? If so, must we remove the term “Subject” from the previous sentence?

3) If the Subject is amputated from language, who speaks? And who is spoken to?


Mauro Altamura
Igor Baskin
Chris Bors
Cammi Climaco
Ben Colebrook
Sunoj D
Michael Eddy
Seth Ellis
Curtis Evans
Swetha Gowri
Benjamin Grasso
Alina Viola Grumiller
Vandana Jain
Sonia Jose
Misako Kitaoka
Miranda Maher
Alisdair McRae
Anne M. Platoff
Ana Prvacki
Kamya Ramachandran
Dan Levenson
Nora Schultz
Ruben Verdu
Anna Vitale
Bethany Wright
Joe Zane

Editor: Sreshta Rit Premnath
Associate Editor: Gönner Heiliger Von Lügen
Critical Advisor: Pieter DeHeijde

Michael Eddy from Halifax, Nova Scotia, lives in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo-based artist, with discursive exceptions. Works with Robert Knowles (Cheshire, U.K.) and Jon Knowles (Montréal, Canada) on Knowles Eddy Knowles projects.
Proposes the following exercise: The violin imitates the drums. The drums imitate the harp. The harp imitates the trumpet. The trumpet imitates the piano. The piano imitates the oboe. The oboe imitates the cello. The cello imitates the singer. The singer imitates the violin.

Igor Baskin : Artist/ curator based in the St-Petersburg, Russia. Painting, photography, video, conceptual projects, performance. Member of National Union of Artists and Free Culture Foundation. Author of the ‘Program of Personification’, founder of ‘St Petersburg’s Transconceptualism. Conception of Personification (fragments).
…among the all creations of an artist only the name won’t be distracted…own name is going to become THE NAME as itself…the name, as an ideal substance, lives, gets and lose qualities, while public mind exists…

Chris Bors received his MFA from School of Visual Arts. His art has been exhibited at PS1/MoMA, White Columns, Sixtyseven and Ten in One Gallery in New York, and in Berlin, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Zurich. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Time Out New York, PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, and featured in Razor. His digital collages are made from copying images found on
websites, which Bors describes as virtual dumpster diving.

Curtis Evans lives and works in the Bronx. He currently teaches at a public school there.

Miranda Maher I’m fascinated by the blind spots in our cultural psyche that cause our errors and idiosyncrasies (yet they continue, unexamined and uncorrected). This focus has prompted exploration of many themes in my work: from murder & war to epistemology & birds. But throughout, I use by- products of sabotaged method — usually labeled lapse, mistake or failure in traditional reasoning — to fashion my version of a personal epistemology: One that can include the anxiety, bewilderment and even the pleasure of living in a body, engulfed in the world.

Alina Viola Grumiller was born in Vienna, Austria. She studied Film and Cooking in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. There friends and I founded the group and art space: Oskar von Millerstrasse 16. In 2001 she got an exchange scholarship to Bard College where she received her MFA. She currently still lives in NY and has just finished: “Behold three Moons”, a 60 min. documentary-lexicon filmed in Syria. Her work ranges from drawings, to installations, photography and film/video.

Misako Kitaoka was born in Los Angeles, raised in Japan and in Australia, and currently resides in San Francisco. She holds a Bachelors degree in economics from Stanford University, and has recently completed her Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies at Columbia University, with her research focus on the discursive representations of Japanese culture in American anthropological literature. Misako currently works at a US-Japan entertainment company, working on the exportation of American entertainment properties in Japan and vice versa.

according to wikipedia: Joe Zane is an American artist born in 1971. He is best known for work that questions his own authenticity and his role as an artist. He often combines painting, sculpture, video, performance and printed material into a confusing array of interdependant works that describe a narrative questioning the truth of what the viewer is seeing. Often dealing with his relationship to art history, some of Zane’s best known works include 31 drawings of Conceptual Artists and most recently a series of paintings of famous art forgers.
Zane currently lives in Cambridge, MA where he works at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies @ MIT.

Anna Vitale lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She’s worked at a library and a bookstore and now drives a school bus. Her band, Melting Moments, made a big splash in the local music scene with their debut album, "There Is a Rat in Separate", in 2005. Most recently, Anna’s been reading "Dissonance (if you are interested)" by Rosemarie Waldrop. She also enjoys playing volleyball and dancing.

Sunoj D: My work involves the exploration, construction and narration of identities. I am particularly fascinated with the construction of ‘post colonial’, ‘multicultural’ and ‘multilingual’ identities (that I belong to) and how the same is socially validated. My ‘Identity’ teaming with ‘Ideological’ connotations, is brought about with images of the ‘self’ in my work. Graduation- Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore (2003) Last show- ‘Sunoj D – not dead since 1979’ at Gallery SKE, Bangalore (2005) Worked at printmaking studios at Kanoria Art centre, Ahmedabad and the Bharath Bhavan, Bhopal. Winner of the 4th Biennial Bose Pacia Prize for Contemporary Art, New York (2003) Currently living and working in Bangalore India.

Vandana Jain’s work recontextualizes corporate logos and slogans, often through the use of playful rearrangement, creating new relationships with well known symbols. Since graduating from New York University with a degree in art in 1996, she has exhibited nationally at ABC No Rio, PS122 Gallery, Momenta, and the Queens Museum of Art, and internationally at Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto, Canada and Future Prospects, Manila, Philippines.

Ben Colebrook The friction between a sense of optimism and a deeply felt skepticism provides the heat that drives my work, which can be described as low-tech solutions to the relentless escalation of consumer desire. In this case I have reproduced the most essential everyday objects in my life, which can also be seen as symbols of identity, capital, access and hope. Currently I am producing a long-term project titled “The Weekly Dead”, a project where the Iraq War meets Shopping.

Seth Ellis has a BA from Yale University, and an MFA from Columbia University; he is currently assistant professor of digital design in the Department of Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His work is primarily an exploration of visual text. The final form of these projects is usually physical–digital prints and artist’s books–but the process behind them uses dynamic structures and computer programming to determine the shape and nature of both image and text.

Benjamin Grasso lives and works in NYC. His recent paintings are exploring the idea of paranoia and the similarities of our current political climate to cold war propaganda. His work is not presenting something impossible or particular but instead representing something contingent, a re-imagining of what actually exists, a re-alignment of logic that makes plastic the anxiety underlying objects in the world. A house floating into space, a car accident that explodes into streamers, the USS Constitution firing at itself. Here we see the nonsensical apocalypse imminent in all things.

Sonia Jose Graduated in Fine Arts from the Srishti School of Arts Design and Technology, Bangalore (2003). Had solo shows at The Kashi Art Gallery, Cochin and Gallery SKE, Bangalore (2005) Been interested in working with objects, media and materials that raise questions about issues like value, ownership, identity (both personal and collective) the past and the present. These questions are raised in context to my personal experience and the culture I am embedded in. Currently living and working in Bangalore India.

Ruben Verdu has devoted himself to fictionalize and ridicule some of the most boring aspects of our contemporary living experience. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After receiving his MFA from CalArts, he moved to New York to attend the Whitney Museum ISP. He now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Nora Schultz lives and works in Berlin, Germany. From 1998 – 2005 she attended Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste, Frankfurt. In 2000 she participated in exchange studies at Willem de Kooning Akademie, Rotterdam, NL. In 2005 she was Meisterschuelerin of Prof. Mark Leckey and won the Ermenegildo Zegna Scolarship. Since 2005 she is an MFA candidate at Bard College, NY, USA. Most recently she has shown at Johann König Gallery, Berlin.

Bethany Wright is a poet, performance–installation artist and independent curator living and working in rural Valley Falls, NY. Author of three chapbooks (including Indeed, Insist (a mystery) from Ugly Duckling Presse), her poems appear periodically in journals or are pseudo-channeled through Wright and her coterie of birds and wells at places like The Brooklyn Museum of Art, PS122 and Zieher-Smith Gallery. She co–founded and continues to edit FO (A) RM magazine and recently co-directed the first annual Gilded Pony Performance Festival.

Pieter DeHeijde lives and works in New York and Amsterdam. He is known for his discreet text and image based interventions into Wikipedia and other public domain information sources. He is engaged in trying to understand the ways in which the notion of truth is performed, articulated and transformed in the public sphere. He is currently working on a book “The Rebirth of Myth in Contemporary Politics”, to be published by Idelwilde Press in 2007.

Gonner Heiliger Von Lugen lives in Sudan, East Africa. She is a writer and curator and since 2006, Associate Editor of Shifter Magazine. Her most recent essay “Murders, Disappearances” was published by Yeszhu Presse for the Sudan Bienniel, 2006.

Cammi Climaco Born in Cleveland, OH and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has had shows at Silo, New York, NY, Garden Fresh, Chicago, IL and Branch Gallery, Durham, NC. Her work is largely concerned with relationships and their residual emotions usually based on a network of love stories that end up in hope and despair, elation and misery.

Mauro Altamura lives and works in New Jersey where he was born. His work has been shown nationally and inter- nationally. He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts among others. His work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, the Polytechnic Institute, Tokyo, Japan, the State Museum of New Jersey and the Jersey City Museum as well other public and private collections. He is an Assistant Professor at New Jersey City University. His recent work in photography, video, and text is concerned with peripheral lives, the un-accounted, the expendable.

Dan Levenson’s paintings investigate the spaces between things: borders, boundaries, crossroads, thresholds, horizons, holes in the ground, and the edges where one material bleeds into another. Designed in a 3-D modeling program, which allows for a flawlessly mathematical sense of perspective, they depict the markings that are painted on roads, and in particular the image of the crossroads.
A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, Dan Levenson is the recipient of numerous awards, and has exhibited widely including White Columns, Jack the Pelican gallery, and Columbia University.

Kamya Ramachandran is an architect and researcher, with a graduate degree from the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley. Her focus varies from a curiosity into traditional contexts to sustainable architecture and the politics and power that moulds cities in todays’s era of neoliberal globalization. Her current research deals with the development of Bangalore, a southern city of India and more famously it’s "Silicon Valley". Her previous experience in working in rural India doing earthquake rehabilitation has shaped her career goals: to execute an environmentally and socially sustainable architecture.

Alisdair MacRae is an artist from the west coast of Canada, currently living in Brooklyn, and working in New Jersey.

Ana Prvacki founded Ananatural Production in 2003. AP is an innovation and lifestyle consultancy that combines conceptual concerns, contemporary issues and various methods of communication with the goal of encouraging contortion, fun, play and space saving. AP is based in Singapore and New York.

Swetha Gowri is an Architect and a Landscape Architect. She has graduated from RV College, Bangalore, India and from UIUC in Illinois. She is interested in concepts of community, sustainability, urbanism, representation, language, nostalgia and memory. Someday, she hopes she can work with her hands in a more tactile way, doing pottery, music and painting.